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Change of the Season

Our Cookbook Poems

Valentine's Day 2010
Valentine Gifts for Dustin
Valentine's Day (A -B)
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Valentine's Day 2010 (E-JE)
Valentine's Day 2010 (Ji-Le)
Valentine's Day 2010 (Li-P)
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Dustin Family Christmas 2009
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Merry Christmas 2009 A-B)
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As We Gather Together
 Lord in your name I ask of you
To bless those
                           I hold dear to me
Family & friends
And those departed
Who have joined you in heaven
May we someday once again
Come together as one...
I thank you Lord for your guidance
You're always there when in need
As you've never turned anyone away
It's because of you
We celebrate this very special day...
On this Thanksgiving
We gather together
With those we love
A day for giving thanks
As you have made this all possible
For all we have been given...
May we someday have world peace
Learning to all unite as one
The way you have intended
I pray those who are going hungry
Be blessed today as I have
To those who live with hardship
Help them to find peace...
In your name I ask these things of you
As we give thanks
For the miracle & blessing
Of family and friends
And all that we have been given
As we gather here together
We give our thanks to you, Our Lord! 
Thank you Linda Rice
My Tina's Memorial site


The Thanksgiving Day Feast


Our angels sit patiently, with their faces all aglow.


Their angel mouths water, as we set out the foods, row after row!


What a delicious meal, we've prepared with our love!


A meal fit for the King, his son and our angels above.


We all sit down, we join hands and say grace.


We enjoy the food, the company and the pride on each face.


Our hearts and our tummies are filled with such love!


The Thanksgiving Day Feast, for God, his son and our angels above.



Shirley Mueller

Oct. 19, 2009


Festival of Food and Memories


To celebrate a season of Thanks

We Ladies come together ~


Holding tightly to our memories

Our children in our hearts Forever ~


Sharing, our hearts do understand

These recipes of  devotion and Love ~


Memories and pleasures of yesterday

With our Angels smiling from Above ~



With Precious Memories of our Angels

Happy Holidays,

With Love, Cindy Jo 10/20/09




I should have named you Sunshine
Right from the very start,
Your Smile a magnet and your heart of gold
How special from the day you were born.
No one could be so lucky to have a baby boy like you!