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New Beginnings 2010

Forever I Will See Your Smile


God’s Greatest Work of Art

If a picture is worth a thousand words
And nothing worthwhile is ever lost
Then what is the value of memories
For those who paid the highest cost?

When a parent loses a child
Words become a useless tool
There is nothing to be said to undo the hurt
And feeble attempts are only cruel

A hug heart to heart in warm embrace
Surpasses any useless phrase
Shared tears and shared memories
More healing than funeral sprays

A photograph is a moment in time
And sometimes it can capture our soul
A place we can find solace in memories
To fill an empty hole

The triggered memories are priceless
For in a flood of tears we cannot see
And we must travel inward
to seek one’s own empathy

To empathize with ourselves
For the heart can heal all things
We all have what it takes…
A song bird is meant to sing

Our hearts are the greatest gift
That lies within our grasp
To endure the clinging agony
And find some peace at last

We must make new memories
That can only glorify the old
We can use our heart to heal ourselves
Our story must be told

Our grief should not be a secret
Death is not a curse
Living life without Joy
Is an existence so much worse

Brighten up someone else’s day
It will illuminate you own
And plant the seeds of destiny
That has a purpose and should be sown

Yes a picture is worth a thousand words
So share those pictures from your heart
Filibuster your child’s life to one and all
They are God’s greatest work of art.   
                                   -  MC/9/09

Mitch Carmody


Treasured Seasons

For everything there is
an appointed season,
And a time for everything
under heaven-
A time for sharing
a time for caring.
A time for loving,
a time for giving;
A time for remembering,
a time for parting.
You have made everything
beautiful in its time
For everything You do
remains forever

Never to be forgotten,

but left with wonderful memories



Children Are Like Kites


You spend years trying to get them off the ground.

You run with them until you are both breathless.

They crash...they hit the patch,

comfort and assure them that

someday they will fly.

Finally they are airborne.

They need more string and you

keep letting it out.

They tug, and with each twist of twine

there is sadness that goes with joy.

The kite becomes more distant and

you know it won't be long before

that beautiful creature will snap

the lifeline that binds you together

and will soar as meant to soar...

free and alone.Only then do you

know that you have done your job.

Author Unknown






I should have named you Sunshine
Right from the very start,
Your Smile a magnet and your heart of gold
How special from the day you were born.
No one could be so lucky to have a baby boy like you!