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The Gift of Love "My Son's Memory"

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The Gift of Love "My Son's Memory"
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Angels Love From Heaven
Angels Love From Heaven
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My Little Boy

  Sabrina A. Hernandez

No amount of gold could ever compare, to the gift of love that my son shares.

I've been blind and I couldn't see that all the love I've wanted is right here in front of me.

He gives reason to get through another day.

Maybe it's how he loves me in his special little way.

And when it gets hard for me to sleep at night....

He wraps his little arms around me and says God will make things right! From sweet gentle touches to his bear hugs and a kiss...He makes this hell on earth seem more like a peaceful bliss.

That great big kool-aid smile and the twinkle in his eyes....Every time I look at him it makes me want to cry. But they're not tears of sorrow; they're tears of pride and joy.... Too know that all the love in heaven is wrapped around my little boy.


Never Unsaid

  Valerie Capasso

I never want this to go unsaid,

So here in this poem, is for it to be said.

There are no words to express how much you mean to me,

A son like you, I thought could never be.

Because the day you were born, I just knew,

God sent me a blessing- and that was you.

For this I thank Him everyday,

You are the true definition of a son, in everyway.

It is because of you that my life has meaning,

Becoming a mom has shown me a new sense of being.

I want you to know that you were the purpose of my life,

Out of everything I did- it was you that I did right.

Always remember that I know how much you care,

I can tell by the relationship that we share.

For a son like you there could be no other,

And whether we are together or apart,

Please do not ever forget-

You will always have a piece of my heart.


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There you’ll be.

By Debbie Tsotaddle -

You’re on every corner, turn and twist.
Every old familiar spot whispers how your missed
In our dreams we can see you soar above the sky
A free bird at last with so many left behind
When reminiscing of you, on our face a smile shall appear
Ever reminding us that in our hearts and memories you are still near
We were blessed to have you in our lives
And will always feel sorrow for the dreams you left behind
Apart of you will always remain in the hearts of we
Always reminding us that where ever we are….There you’ll be.


In my heart you live on
Always there never gone
Precious child, you left too soon
Tho' it may be true that we're apart
You will live forever... in my heart