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Shirley Mueller
Son Mark
I have had many signs from Mark since his passing, lots of hearts in the form of two trees coming together under a full moon, tons of heart shaped stones. Amazing signs with his cell phone battery not hooked up to a phone, but it would light up when I held that battery.

But tonight, I got another sign from my son.

He gave me a license plate that had my birth date on it. I found one after his death, with his birth date on it. They have both hung up above my door for the last several years. Tonight, I gave a bunch of clothing and other items to a family that lost their entire belongings in a fire. I did this for them as well as for Mark, knowing he would have done the same thing, if here.

Well, suddenly Mark's license plate fell off of that ledge. I knew it was him saying; Way to go ma! I love you!

I gave them some of Mark's old socks, to keep their feet warm. I never knew why I'd saved them, I just couldn't bare to throw them out. 

Now, I know why: They were meant for someone else, who would need them.



Love And Hugs
Carol Carico
Angel Mom of Michael
Michael was with me on his 46th birthday.
I believe my Michael came to me on his birthday this year. Me his son Mikey and my other grandson Timmy went to the river to release his balloons. Then we went to the place that Michael always camped at called Paradise. We were there fishing and not having very good luck. Then about 3 that afternoon. I believe Michael finally came to us. As we ended up catching 16 stripped bass, 10 bluegill and a large mouth bass. I feel he wanted us to know he was there sending them to our pole's. Mikey and Tim were just going wild. I told Mikey this is telling you that your daddy is here with us today and wanted our day to be good. Timmy looked up toward heaven and said"Thank you Uncle Mike" this was the best day we have had since Michael. I know my son was there that day.


~ Fall 1996 ~ My Most Significant Dream
CindyJo Greever
I would say the most significant dream I have ever had of Michelle was in 1996. Michelle was a baby in that dream with two umbilical cords, one on her belly and one on her back. Since Michelle was struck on her back by the car this dream to me represented a significant message of hope: First born to this life on earth by the typical umbilical cord in front and THEN born to ETERNAL life, that of the umbilical cord on her back, where she was struck, (leading her to Heaven). Michelle and I were extremely close and I thank God that he and Michelle gave me the gift of this very special and poignant dream to be reminded of Eternal Life. I also thank God that I loved Michelle with all of my heart and being all of the days of her earthly life. Michelle was a most loving, compassionate and giving child.."
please visit my dreams of Michelle page at the following link-Lovecindyjo

~Butterflies from Michelle~
I would like to share my butterfly story for my most recent sign from Michelle~
November 1st was a sunny beautiful day and mom and I stopped at a school park to eat lunch, I had gotten out to walk my Bubba poochie and saw something glimmering in a huge grassy field there. I was intrigued enough to stop, walk back a step and pick it up... it was a small silver metallic butterfly!!
I instantly knew this was a message from my Michelle with my heart so thinking of her as November 5th was her 16th Angelversary Date... How I treasure that precious little silver butterfly~ and know that Michelle had it there just for me to find!
I also wanted to share that the first time I moved our sofa after Michelle parted to do some cleaning there was a Butterfly she had made, that I had never seen before, and it was around Mother's Day so I am convinced she and God kept it right there for me for the First Mother's Day I would have without her here as she always made me things for special days~!
Love,CindyJo ~





Amy McAuliffe

Peyton James McAuliffe

My Son, My Angel

Born on Earth June 2, 2006

In Jesus’s Arms June 22, 2006


I wrote a poem a few years ago about a dream I had shortly after Peyton died. This dream has been significant in my life and brought me to Jesus.
A Mother’s Dream……….

A can not quit looking,
Since you came into my dream that night.
I read and look around at everything in my sight.
Ever since, my Faith has been so strong,
I will never give up on you Peyton,
Because I know God is never wrong.
He told me that night, that you are now okay,
But a Mother will never quit,
Or have it any other way.

I block everything else out,
And focus just on you,
What is wrong with that?
That is what any mother would do.
Everyone else just seemed to move on,
But not me Peyton,
My Love will never be gone.

When you came to me that night,
I prayed all night long,
Then God answered my prayers,
From what I heard in this song……

This song says angels come to us in many different ways,
I wish you would come back to me,
It has been too many days.

You made me smile,
And gave me a feeling I never knew,
You told me your okay,
And best of all God did too!

So this dream I had,
I know is just a sign from You,
To tell me to never forget,
How Much You Love Me TOO!!!



I should have named you Sunshine
Right from the very start,
Your Smile a magnet and your heart of gold
How special from the day you were born.
No one could be so lucky to have a baby boy like you!