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I want to dedicate the song on this page to Dessa in Memory of her Joseph. Love you Dessa! Many Christmas Hugs!!!!







Ann Simmons
Memories of Jason Her Son
I had this dream a few years back. I couldn't sleep and finally dozed off around 5 am. I was between awake and asleep. I was so worried. I knew Jason was in Heaven but I wanted a sign. I dreamed Jason was holding my hand and leading me thru this beautiful place. There were lots of people and such beautiful music. I was so happy to be with Jason. He kept saying "Come on Mama. There is so much to see. "When I woke up I couldn't remember what the place  looked like, who the people were or  what music was playing .
But I knew this. Jason had just led me through Heaven. I thank God for that dream. I seldom dream of Jason, but that was a dream I have never forgotten. Most dreams I forget when I wake up but not that one.  Jason loved to wear black like Johnny Cash. I started seeing a black butterfly. I had never seen one before. One landed on my granddaughter's head. We moved and the black butterfly came with us. I know these are signs from Jason. I think we all get them but sometimes we just can't see them. .


Jason loves to play tricks on me too. I was hanging a new shower curtain one day and dropped one of the hooks. I looked all over the bathroom and couldn't find it. I gave up and walked into my bedroom. There it lay in the middle of the floor. I said ok Jason. I know you are here. After we moved the locked door kept opening . I was worried about leaving the house he lived in with us and I believe he was letting me know he was with me still. I didn't mean to write a book. lol But yes I do believe in signs from our angels.


Susie Dunn
Son Jason Dunn
Jason was very good at coming around
and talking to me…
I could hear him just like hearing
yourself talking to you. In fact I used to say to myself….
you are way crazy….and I’d
hear Jason laughing…no your not..
I would ask him what he did
and he told me
(and Numerous mediums told me the very same thing)
that “he volunteered for taking people home”
He said he liked to Go out on
“quick deaths” like his was….
I asked him why….he said
“You should see Their faces”
I started to think about that….
and at first I thought it was morbid…
but Then you think about it
from the person’s point
of view…and you have to say…COOL!
Patti feel free to use the link to all my signs....I haven't added
any for a while...but just Monday night we had a flash light turn
on with dead batteries.....;o)
Stop by and see what's new at Jason's Website
Christmas 2009



Candy Young
Daughter Jessica
We had a sign from Jessica last night.  It was totally ANMAZING!!  When Bob went out to his car this morning the stone in our garden (the one that says if tears could build a stairway...and had her name and dates on it) was GONE!!  There was a square in the snow where it had been.  Bob was sure it had been stolen-I insisted nobody would take it.  I walked around the front of the house and it was STANDING UP ON OUR FRONT STEPS!!!  It was somehow moved in the middle of the night-WHO would do that? Bob said he prayed for a sign last night because we hadn't had one in awhile.  Then at 3:30 AM the alarm on our kitchen radio went off without being set and he thought he saw someone on the stairs.  He felt he got a message to pray for the dead and he did.  Then several hours later we had our sign!!








Dessa Smith  In Memory of her Son Joseph
A few months after I lost Joseph I was driving down the road and my radio in my car had stopped working before I lost Joseph. Anyway I was driving and the tears started flowing and I ask Joseph to please give me a sign I just can’t do it without knowing he is near me. All of a sudden my radio popped on and a song was playing this is what was said in the song “ Follow me every thing is alright I’ll be the one to tuck you in at night.” then my radio went off again and has not worked since. The song was “Follow Me” by uncle cracker.
The next one I want to share . I went to bed a few months ago and was falling asleep. I dreamed Joseph came to my bed and tapped me on my shoulder and motioned for me to come on so I got up and we sat down on the couch. Never a word was spoken but we started laughing I mean belly hurt laughing he always could get me to laugh. But I do not know what we were laughing about. But I awoke sitting on the couch laughing so hard. So yes I do believe.











I should have named you Sunshine
Right from the very start,
Your Smile a magnet and your heart of gold
How special from the day you were born.
No one could be so lucky to have a baby boy like you!