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Carolyn Bethea

In Memory of her Daughter Trissie

Jeremiah 29:11 "I know the plans I have for you."   

I would like to share a dream I had on my birthday July 19th, 2004 after Trissie left us. She always sent me flowers on my birthday and my other daughters knew it was going to be hard on me not receiving my regular flowers and so my baby daughter called me first thing on my birthday. She said mama "I wanted to be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday." I said "Angie, let me tell you I dream I had last night" and I proceeded to tell the dream. I dreamed me and my oldest daughter Wendy was at this great big field and my grandmother {who raised me} and Trissie was there. Wendy walked over and stood with my grandmother and Trissie said "Mama come with me, we have got to hurry because I am dead." She took me down this hill into miles and miles of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen, and the light was so bright but it was not hot. She said "Mama these are all for you." Then after me and her walking thru them a little and just ouing and ahhing I woke up. Angie said "Mama, Trissie has beat us again. She gave you your flowers after all.I hope everyone enjoys this and just another little thing to let you know our child is with us.



Tammy & Angel Tyler

I have signs all the time from my Angel Tyler. The one that I love the most is one night I remember that I had to work late at the hospital and didnt get home until 12:35 am and when I am that tired I usually put in a movie and it helps me unwind and fall asleep faster. But I was laying there in bed watching a movie and all of a sudden my lamp that sits on my computer desk that is across the room came on. I was like "ok Tyler I am tired and it's time to go to bed and get some sleep" then all of a sudden the lamp shuts off. By the way its a touch lamp also. So the next morning when I woke up and went to let reese my dog out in the front window there was 1 yellow rose. Tyler's favorite color was yellow and he use to always bring me yellow roses. And also the rose bush out front is red roses. I am attaching a picture of the yellow rose.



 I would like to share a sign from my angel brother Victor with you and other moms.  Thank you and God Bless Always, Patricia
After my brother passed I longed with all my heart to have some kind of sign from him that he was okay. I was struggling with my emotions so much that I just sat down with my mom one day and told her that I might be able to move through the healing process better if I only knew Victor was for sure with God in Heaven. It was like I was at a stand still with my grief and could not move on. Momma helped me more than she knew that day because she told me Victor was with Jesus in Heaven. I said to her, "how can you be so sure of this." And she answered with "because God told me Victor was with him." From that day forward I was able to move on through the grieving process much better. My heart was lighter than it had been for weeks and I had that peace in my heart that Victor was with our Father in Heaven. Through the years I have had many signs that my brother is around me. One sign in particualr that just warms my heart so much is when I hear the song "Free Bird" playing on the radio. The first time I heard it it was Victor's birthday and I was missing him so much. My heart was just aching for him. Wishing I could tell him Happy Birthday and that I love you. Then all of a sudden my stereo came on by itself and the song "Free Bird" was playing. I knew it was my sign and Victor was letting me know he knew what I was trying to convey to him that day. I love my baby brother with all my heart and soul and I know one day I will see him again. That is what keeps me going to this day. Victor's sister, Patricia


Germaine Godard
Memory of Her Son Xavier
After Xavier passed...I got  alot of signs. I never talk directly to Xavier I always go to the Father to get to my son. It may seem weird to others because death is something none of us here on earth has experienced and my deep love of God and not wanting to offend Him. I always say "God tell Xavier...... ". I was so shocked, scared, confused and every other emotion when he passed that I always talked  to God about what I was/am feeling. Telling Him I missed my son.....I needed to know what was happening to him....the mommie mode did  and still kicks in often. The first six months I experienced things I would not dare share with anyone who never lost  a child...or very close love one. Signs I know that was sent to me for assurance everything was alright. I don't have them as much now...only when needed but not as strong as before. BUT whenever I experienced anything I would acknowledge God and how wonderful He Him honor and thanking Him for giving me the sense of peace" that is needed at that time. "peace that surpasses all understandings...." your experience at the pond...may have been creepy...which basically means  a different feeling, a feeling  that is "unusal". Whenever I experience something that is new....different.I start talking to and praising God...He will give me peace regardless.





I should have named you Sunshine
Right from the very start,
Your Smile a magnet and your heart of gold
How special from the day you were born.
No one could be so lucky to have a baby boy like you!